Saturday, 28 December 2013

Lost Lover - the Magnificents

Talking of the Magnificents' Lost Lover (see previous post), it has recently been uploaded to youtube, so here 'tis, as the B side of Off the Mountain, their soundalike follow up to their big hit On the Mountain.

It's an odd track - it's not really doo wopified, as, say, the Flamingo's version of I Really Don't Want to Know is. Is it a sendup? Not sure, but the guitar is a big part of the record and the singers do seem to be taking a back seat. Could it be as simple as their being told to record what sounds like a country song and their hearts weren't in it?

Quiz Answers

Quiz answers below - the questions are in the previous post. No prizes - it's just a bit of fun. For some.

Wednesday, 25 December 2013


Yes, despite that drubbing by that OFSTED-type body (see previous post) I have decided to battle on until this blog is forcibly removed from the net. And what better way of doing so than the annual Pismotality Christmas Quiz? It's like a Round Britain Quiz in which the contestants actually know something about popular music ... so not like a Round Britain Quiz at all, really, then. And it was a bit too hard to produce questions which were all in that style, so it's a bit of a hybrid. But if you have elected to read this blog then you will know what to expect - and that's fun with a small "f". Let it begin ...

1 What name links Golden Teardrops with a very specific wake-up call by way of a Merseybeat band?

2 "One mint julep was the cause of it all." Yes, yes, we all know it's the Clovers, nobody's impressed, shut up. 

What I was going to ask - no, really, wait a minute, I've got it - was the name of the 70s rites of passage song with cringe-making rhymes and a fourteen year age gap between the two main characters in which that drink also features?

3 "It's just my job, five days a week." 

"A five minute break is all you take" 

"He's been workin' and slavin' his life away." 

Name these labour-intensive songs and the artists.

Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Now We Are Four ...

As it is now the fourth anniversary of that day in December 2009 I started this blog with the intention of archiving posts from Steve's Kewl Doo Wop Shop written in 2000 I decided to commemorate my achievement by submitting the contents to OSTMB, the UK-based Office for Standards in Music Blogs.

This was done on a voluntary basis and I'm not sure what I thought might be gained from doing so. Above is a scan of the printout I received in the post today. After much waiting on the telephone I managed to speak to one of the inspectors for ten minutes (he put the phone down mid-sentence which I thought was discourteous, to say the least).

But I surreptitiously recorded the last eight minutes of the conversation so thought I would give a report here. My advice to other bloggers, however, is don't bother seeking out this organisation. If you gain pleasure from writing posts then go on doing so. Anyway, here are the "highlights" of what I was told combined with a more detailed email.